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Diesel station

The harsh weather conditions in Norway do not only test the quality of technology used but also the skills of drivers and quality of fuel.

We decided, after almost 25 years of experience in road transport, to open our own diesel station, main reason being to keep the high quality of fuel for our vehicles and subsequently to lower the cost. 

This strategy repaid already the first winter since opening of the diesel station. Czech fuel in Norwegain winter conditions are often not sufficient that is why we put emphasis on low point of filtration of our fuel, especially in witer months.

We wanted to give our customers the possibility to get high quality fuel hence a high quality dispensing stand Gillbarco for general public has been installed. The dispensing stand makes it possible to tank Diesel and AdBlue (120l/min+60l/min) at the same time.

Purchase of our fuel is possible only with signed contract about supply of fuel and goods with trucking transport company FAJST s.r.o.

Current fuel price

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